12 / 03 / 2015

CSS Animation Trends in Web Design

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The web is an ever-evolving medium propelled forward by enthusiastic developers and creators. Animation is just a slice of web design that has risen to high acclamation in recent years. The methods and techniques for adding motion to an interface may have changed, but the end result is still a lively design with charming interactive tendencies.

The following trends are a catalog of the current era in website animation. While JavaScript is a fantastic animation language, CSS has become easier and heavily supported by the design community. By embracing these newer CSS techniques you’ll stumble down avenues of unique animation and exciting design trends for years to come.

Homepage Animation

Aesthetic appeal in web design can be generated through various means. And while everyone can appreciate beauty, the self-proclaimed aesthetes will surely notice the power of beautiful animation.

A website’s homepage can be improved through branding, icons, illustrations, or any number of added features. Once the underlying user experience has been created, it’s easier to focus on a layer of colorful graphics and spicy design techniques. Animation is one such technique that can really spice up a homepage to draw attention from new visitors.

underbelly design agency website animated
Underbelly has a brief animation in their header that represents the agency’s talents.

Underbelly is a creative agency with a very clean website. I love their design because it’s straightforward and true to the company’s branding. Their homepage includes a brief animation in the header with a few icons representing the agency’s talents.

The great thing about this effect is how it draws attention. The animated elements are subtle but noticeable. First-time visitors can get a feel for the agency just from the initial website header. Although it is a simple example, it works perfectly in the context of Underbelly’s website.

made by theory header animation
Theory uses animation with offscreen slide/fade-in.

To see a more detailed homepage animation take a look at the Theory agency website. Their heading also uses animation on various elements that slide/fade in from offscreen. Right after landing on the homepage it should become apparent that Theory has talent.

When scrolling down the page other elements will animate into view. This effect is typically referred to as “scroll-to-animate”, for lack of a better term. Both effects, when combined, illustrate a fascinating combo for homepage animation.

It’s an interesting effect that only requires a tiny bit of JavaScript. I feel it works best on product pages where screenshots and previews are of vital importance. But there’s no question that elegantly animated elements on the homepage will draw attention while painting a picture of the website’s true purpose.

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